Yoga is the bridge between body, soul and spirit.

Yoga gets me from my head to my heart, every day!

Yoga Tip of the Month:

January tends to be the Big resolution month, setting us up to fall short of lofty goals often made in the throes of post-Holiday over-consumption.  Instead, the wisdom tradition of Yoga instructs us to put forth a Sankalpa, an intention.  I intend to be a kinder person, more compassionate and less judgmental. In this effort, there is no falling short or failure.  You keep the intention alive as long as it is something that still calls to you; there is no yardstick: no measuring up.  On days when my actions don’t align with my Sankalpa, it doesn’t change the plan.

Most of our suffering comes from falling short of an expectation.  Don’t set yourself up for suffering. Create a sankalpa you can live with regardless of the changing circumstances of our lives.  Release any notion that you should be different than you are.

I currently teach at:
The Yoga Room, Norwell, Tuesdays @ 4:30-5:30. All levels flow.
Webb’s Pro Fitness, Norwell, Saturdays at 10 am. All levels flow.

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